Elli ships clear and safe :)


Hi friends!
We finally open the online shop, with the two first releases from Elli: Live at Jailoo by STAHLSTUHL, and Fulgurite, by UNMAPPED.
We lovely designed and crafted these two beautiful digipack CDs, and now we want them to arrive safe to you!
We have a plan for that…

We are doing our best to have you ordering our digipacks for low shipping rates, with safe services.

First, the clear part: our shipping fees are really friendly!

There is just one simple tariff: €5 only. Per Order. For all destinations.

That’s all! Easy and fast ;)

But there is more: here’s the safe part. Elli ships only via tracked services supplied by the French postal service!
All shippings will be tracked until delivery for the following countries:
– Belgium
– Canada
– Denmark
– Finland
– Germany
– Great Britain
– Iceland
– Ireland
– Italy
– Luxembourg
– Malaysia
– Netherlands
– New Zealand
– Poland
– Portugal
– Singapore
– Sweden
– United States

For all other destinations, shippings will be tracked until they leave France.

Isn’t it nice?? We think so!
Take a look to the shop, and grab your copies now ;)

Elli crew